Why Do Blacks Claim To Be The True Israelites? You're Not

Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. This fact makes the Negroes of the Western Hemisphere Israelites by lineal descent as well. And, the Ark of the Covenant is believed to still be protected by true Israelite Levites in some mountain stronghold in Ethiopia. ALL BLACK PEOPLE WITH WOOLY HAIR ARE THE DESCENDENTS OF THE KINGDOM OF JUDAH, THE DESCENDENTS OF THE FIRST JEWS.

Following are some of the teachings that many Black Hebrew Israelites affirm. Brian K. Blount, True to Our Native Land: An African American New Testament Commentary (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007), 372-73. The Israelites would also administer justice and judgment around the world (Gen 18:19).

The promise was: God will see to it that the true Israel is brought into being and saved. But judging by some of the modern blond Sephardic Jews, and also from the Scriptures (both of which indicate that the Israelites were fair) we conclude that they were not primarily a short, dark and broad-headed people with prominent noses.

However, they fail to differentiate between the true, original Amorites, mentioned in Genesis 10, and the other "Westerners" who lived in Palestine and were also called "Amorite" by the Gentile nations. Edomites, Israelites and Arabs are all Hebrews. Common images include politicians with devil horns, white Jesus” portrayals, images of slavery (men with scarred backs, slave ship diagrams, etc.) and the all-important 12 Tribes of Israel genealogy chart.

Jean discovered the Israelites the way most people do, by accident. The Bemba have also a direct link to Egypt as can be noted from the journal articles of Dr.Chisanga Siame titled kantunkumene” an ancient Egypt of Africa: From journal of Black Studies of March,2013.

The Minister's words answered a question posed in the title of his lecture, Who are the Real Children of Israel?” The message was delivered before a standing room only crowd of 5,000 people crammed into the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center—where every seat was sold in the main auditorium and where seats in an overflow room, or simply a place to stand in the building, were prized commodities.

If you feel something is wrong with the condition of your people, and you want to know why get the free book Rise Israelites. So my question is,why can't there be arab jews at all and 2, why do you get so mad that people converted to worship your God too. Hence, African Americans don't know they are the genuine Israelites, though all one has to do is read the Bible and look at the pyramid on the dollar bill to understand the truth.

Have suggested that the ultimate roots of black Judaism lie in the identification of African American slaves with the Egyptian servitude and liberation of the biblical Hebrews.”41 Parfitt agrees when he asserts that there was a progressive identification with the Israelites as African American slaves learned the biblical stories.42 A brief overview of this historical-ideological development is in order.

Similarly, black Africans in the nineteenth century and before, in a vast and extraordinary number of cases were thought to be Jews, and indeed to have both Jewish characteristics and to be descended from the ancient Israelite stock.”3 Although he contends that this attitude was Israelites birthed from a European conception of African inferiority, Parfitt also cites an ancient writer named Sulpicius Severus (c. AD 360-c.

We do not hate the precious people who claim to be Black Hebrew Israelites. Also, Lamentations 5:10 describes the Israelites who had skin as black as an oven. Deuteronomy 14:2 For thou art an holy people unto the "I AM" thy God, and the "I AM" hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.

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